Here is my first blog entry!!!


social-media-in-educationFor a long time I have been thinking about what to write as a first entry in my new blog! You will be able to follow the recent updates related to the uses of  web 2.0 tools in English Classes. If you want to know who am I, please check ‘About Me’ page. I can easiliy say that I love reading about educational technology and on a daily basis I follow hundreds of websites on the issue. I formed a word document consisting of those website links that I frequently use  Day by day, I will add more news and activities that may be used during the English courses.Actually, I don’t want to cause a misunderstanding. What I mean is that most of  the apps and activities can be modified in order to use them in another lesson

spelling bee logoHere we go! 🙂 The first activity I want to share with you is Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Bee. When you visit, you will find out many opportunities to jazz up your class with various technological tools. This one is an amazing one as it will help your students not only to learn new vocabulary but also improve their spelling. When you open the link Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Bee, you will see 3 different levels and 2 different accents in English. After choosing the accent to practise, select the difficulty level and enjoy your time! 🙂 You will see that after you get your score, you can examine your mistakes as well as listening how those words are pronounced.